So, I have managed to nab an apprenticeship with a gal who is teaching me all her processes for her WordPress web site creation. I am SO excited. I will be able to do sub-contracting for her AND do my own web site building and maintenance, which is a big goal. ┬áSo my sites should start looking better and better all the time!!! Wahoo…



Sad to report that this ended up going nowhere. She just was too busy and really didn’t want to take the time to lead and train before delegating. I kept reaching out to see if she wanted to keep working with me and she would insist she did. She would suggest meeting times and then not respond to me when I wanted to nail down the times so I finally stopped “nagging”.

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t rely on others for teaching you, seek out actual training resources (I’ll list some on my resources page as I find ones I feel I can recommend)
  2. COMMUNICATE with people. I’d have been fine if she’d just said, “Hey, this isn’t working like I expected, sorry.” Instead she just completely ignored me AFTER she had reassured me she was still interested in our collaboration.
  3. If you plan a meeting time with someone, show up. If you can’t make it, go the courteous route and let the person know.

It is sad that it didn’t work out, I was willing to give so much in return for the training. I don’t have any bad feelings toward her, just disappointment.