What’s your passion?

People have asked me many times, what is it you are passionate about? Well, besides my grandchildren ­čÖé  I would have to say that I LOVE learning new things. And I tend to be a perfectionist, so I really strive to learn things the right way.

This leads to a pet peeve: spelling and grammar. If I pay money for your eBook or your eCourse, I expect it will be professional looking. If I start reading or watching and typos or grammatical errors pop up, I am going to start questioning my investment. I’m not saying that the occasional error is going to set me off, but when it’s fairly consistent throughout the copy, I am really feeling ripped off.

I LOVE eBooks and I LOVE eCourses. I offer editing/proofreading for both. I am now starting to offer editing/proofreading services IN EXCHANGE for the actual paid course or book. If this is something you might be interested in exploring, or if you know someone who might be interested, let me know in the comments.

How to add value to your online course

You’ve worked hard, come up with the ideas, put the presentations together, and finally, you launch that online course. Then, you notice the typo, then another, and another.  Or worse yet, one of the people who paid money for your course is unhappy, because they spotted numerous typos and grammatical errors in your copy.

I actually recently had an experience with an online course I purchased and was so disappointed by the errors in it. The value of that course was greatly diminished in my eyes. It was not an “I’m better than you” situation, it’s that I paid out hard-earned money for that professional instruction, and I feel like the course came across very amateurish because of the errors.

Even the smartest people need proofreaders and/or editors. It’s all too easy to get excited and rush to post your great ideas before you’ve read through them a second or even third time. Your reputation is greatly enhanced when your posts are spelled correctly, punctuated correctly, and are grammatically correct. The perceived value goes up.

The solution is to find yourself a good proofreader/editor. Yes, initially you will incur a cost, but when you see the results — a professional, well-constructed piece of copy– you will also reap the benefits; happy customers and more referrals, which equals more income.