Has this ever happened to you?

As I sit here this morning perusing my various social media accounts, I am struck by the number of business people who send out posts with errors. These people are not stupid or ignorant; they are just so busy sending out their posts that they don’t re-read them or they just plain don’t notice the errors. So far this morning, I’ve read tweets with missing words or words used incorrectly, which leaves me to scratch my head and go “HUH?”  I’ve also read some mystery posts on FaceBook and LinkedIn that just leave me puzzled.

I don’t mean to sound “holier-than-thou”, it’s just that these things jump out at me. Then the person who has posted it loses a little respect from me, at least business-wise. For your average social media user, errors aren’t that big of a deal, but if you are using social media to make money, then those errors definitely cost you. I am not the only one that clicks on to the next post, dismissing the one with errors as someone I can’t take seriously. I’ve purchased e-books with errors and it makes me cringe. I’ve taken online courses with typos and other errors, and immediately the value of that course is diminished in my eyes.

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation DO matter, especially when you are trying to be a professional and sell something, even if it’s just yourself. Sadly, many people just don’t care. I personally have edited or even deleted and rewritten something because of even a small error; I just can’t tolerate it.

Small business bloggers and social media entrepreneurs alike should be aware of how these things affect their branding. Your branding is everything, so it is worth it to make sure you are as accurate as you possibly can be.