Online course sellers- should you add this to your terms?

I just had an interesting issue show up on one of my FB business groups that I’m in. A member had purchased an online course and then decided it wasn’t for her. Now over a year later, she was wanting to sell her access to the course to another person. I happen to be in that course and am in contact with the owner and so I private messaged her to ask her if she was allowing it. Her response to me was that she had been taken so aback that she didn’t know how to respond to the request, so she said “OK.” However, the more she thought about it, she realized that in the end this cost HER money, since the person would be buying the course from someone else at a reduced cost, instead of signing up directly for the course.

This led me to think about terms of use. Most digital properties are non-transferable. For example, if you buy a digital download, you cannot resell it to someone else. So I realized that course owners might want to add something to their terms of use regarding this issue to avoid problems in the future, and to avoid being taken off guard as this person was.

What do you think?

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